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Mobile Apps For An Optimum Healthcare Experience

Healthcare is one of the early adopters of mobility services. The forerunners in the industry visualized how healthcare mobile apps could positively change the medical field. There are various pain points in a hospital process that can be simplified and made more efficient with dedicated medical mobile apps.

Here at Innoppl, we are pioneers in creating healthcare mobile apps. Our interest in healthcare apps started with our healthcare app developers, who witnessed the result of our first health app and how it positively impacted people’s lives. Contact us for a more detailed conversation on how we can make your healthcare app a reality!

Healthcare App Services

HIPAA Compliancy

We strictly adhere to the Hipaa guidelines and give utmost importance to security to patient healthcare information(PHI)

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Get mobile access to the electronic health record(HER) and treat patients more efficiently with reduced medication error.

On-Demand Medical Services

It’s the service of the future – Users need immediate consultation and medical services that can be easily served by live interaction via a mobile app.

Medical Journal/Resources

A valuable asset to doctors who need to stay updated on the current trends and medical procedures. The resource utilization has increased considerably with the availability of such apps.

Custom Medical Apps

Build apps that aid your medical procedures and processes. We customize healthcare apps to have an efficient workflow with user-friendly features

Custom UI/UX

Every hospital has a personality of their own and it’s essential to be comfortable with the tools that helps your hospital run smoothly.

Our Projects


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Pulse oximetry screening is used to detect congenital heart defects in newborn babies. The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta came up with a revolutionary method to detect and aid children in their NICU. The algorithm used was endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics to screen the defect without any invasive procedures, making the process simple and feasible.

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Liberate Health

Liberate Health

The Liberate Health® mobile app is a revolutionary communication tool that helps doctors to educate their patients better. The app’s main purpose is to empower patients with medical illustrations, infographics and allows the doctor to record the verbal conversation, creating a patient specific video that is shareable and accessible. It can also be integrated to their EHR for future references. It truly is an innovative and useful product in the healthcare industry.

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Clear Cost Health

ClearCost Health app is the only place you need to look for health care shopping. Their main advantage is their leadership team, who has years of experience in the medical claim feild. They are able to take that knowledge and implement it to find medical services and prescribed drug prices for all healthcare providers, creating an effective consumer healthcare shopping experience.

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