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On-Demand Mobile Apps – Promoting Next Generation Services

Being a fantastic service provider is no longer sufficient to run a profitable business. The concept of on-demand has made us rethink our existing process to innovate and improve our workflow. Taking your business to the next level has become inevitable and we’re here to help you grow with an On-Demand app. Give us a call and let us do the rest – our on-demand app developers love a challenge!

On-Demand Mobile App Features

Touch Of A Button

“On-Demand” does not necessarily mean providing instant service, but letting customers be in charge and letting them decide when they need the particular service – With a touch of a button!

It’s For Everyone

On-Demand is one of the few services that cater to everyone. Everyone requires a taxi, food delivered to them, emergency nanny service, etc. Get your service on-demand now!

Get Your Business Online

Your on-demand services have a place in the app store. Getting your physical store online is much easier than you think. We will help you!

Expand Your Horizon

Getting your business on multiple platforms will help you reach out to more potential customers. An increase in the number of clients only means more profit!

Better Customer Service

Communicate with your end users easily and discover how you can serve them better. A service industry thrives with better customer service.

Better Marketing Opportunity

Mobile apps prove to be the perfect medium to promote yourself better. Remind users about your product and increase customer engagement.

Our Projects

Hotel Front Desk

Hotel Front Desk is a unique product that lets hotel managers operate their hotels efficiently. One can map out their hotel and assign tasks seamlessly for faster problem resolution. Logs can be recorded to remove miscommunication between employees and complete work with a faster turnaround time. It lets managers to remotely monitor operations and employee to run the hotel efficiently.

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Contact PTT

A state-of-the-art device that enables a two-way secured wireless communication system with a push-to-talk (PTT) button. The mobile app that aids the technology helps them transmit media and secured text through a 128-bit key encryption. The device connects to the smart device through Bluetooth and works over the phone’s internet connectivity. This unique security feature plays a vital role in data sensitive industries.

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60% of our business comes from B2C apps and the remaining 40% from B2B apps

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