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What You Missed This Week

The innovations associated with the recent mobile trends are exhilarating! It’s amazing how the human brain can conjure such brilliance equating to such discoveries.                     Scrutiny on Amazon E-Books Sales In Europe The European Commission has opened up a formal investigation on Amazon for a certain clause mentioned...

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Mobile App Inspiration In 2015

Mobile News That Matters This Week

This was another exciting week in the mobile world. Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ve got all the major news covered here. An App That Connects Apps Smartphones have become an imminent part of our life. We are dependent on multiple apps to perform a simple...

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Mobile Trends – What’s Hot This Week?

We know it’s exhilarating to follow mobile trends – It seems like they change every 10 seconds. That’s why we bring you the latest and the hottest topic of the week – Every Week! So, here we go: This Week In Mobile Trends! Stop Worrying About...

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Retail Marketers, Go Beacons!

True to the title, beacons are truly taking the retail world by storm. For the uninitiated, Beacons are wireless device that could be installed at stores that pushes notifications via consumers’ smartphones and tablets with personalized offers, discount, deals or coupons. The consumer will have to...

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Magic of Push Notification

If you are not using push technology beware you are missing an opportunity in reaching your targeted audience. With spam filters capturing much email marketing messages, email has become immune among consumers. Well, when it comes to text messaging consumers are often reluctant to give...

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3 Reasons to go Mobile in Retail

Today, it’s about creating an experience rather than just a purchase. Retail has come a long way from the traditional brick and mortar to online shopping. The most interactive of brands garner a more loyal customer base as mobile is a (basic) necessity today. Mobile...

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