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We help you make better business decisions by delivering the right information to the right person and creating a dependable and reliable data ecosystem with clear rules, securities, and commitments.

Data Governance
Why do you need data governance?

Why do you need data governance?

Data drives business growth, enables better decision-making, and ensures successful outcomes in a competitive market. But data also comes with challenges: how do you ensure that your data is accurate, consistent, secure, and compliant? How do you avoid data silos, duplication, and errors? How do you leverage your data to its full potential?

That’s where Innoppl’s data governance comes in. Our data governance solutions are the collection of processes, policies, roles, metrics, and standards that ensure an effective and efficient use of information. We can help you establish data management practices that keep your data secured, private, accurate, and usable throughout the data life cycle.

Single Source of Truth

All decision-makers work from the same data sets, terminology, and view, giving more opportunities for internal flexibility.

Improve Data Quality

You can rest assured that all the available data is safe to use, complete, and consistent and helps you to achieve your data goals and objectives.

Improve Data Management

You can establish a code of conduct and best practices to ensure that you address organizational needs and concerns immediately and consistently.

Faster, Consistent Compliance

You can have clean data management throughout your governance process, which means you can easily generate, handle, and protect your data to keep it in compliance.

Reduce Costs and Increase Profit Margin

You can eliminate decisions based on outdated information, resulting in efficient day-to-day operations, easier audits, and reduced waste.

Enhance Your Organizational Reputation

You can position your business as a leader in your marketplace by being steadfast and reliable.


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Innoppl’s Data Governance Benefits

We offer data governance solutions that provide functionality for data classification, metadata management, data lineage, access control, and policy enforcement. Our solutions help you:

Discover and catalog your data assets

You can easily find, understand, and document your data sources, data elements, data owners, and data consumers across your data estate.

Define and enforce data policies and rules

You can create and apply data quality rules, data security policies, data retention policies, and data usage policies to ensure compliance and consistency.

Measure data quality and performance

You can track and report on data quality issues, data governance metrics, data lineage, and data impact analysis to ensure data trustworthiness and accountability.

Collaborate and share data insights

You can foster a data-driven culture by enabling data stewards, data analysts, data scientists, and busin

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