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How iOS Is Redefining Healthcare in 2016

Thursday, June 23rd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST

Apple Has Become A Game Changer In Healthcare

When Apple released iOS 8 in 2014, there were no surprises over the speculation that HealthKit was going to be a cornerstone in the healthcare industry. Since then, Apple has been continually evolving and contributing to diagnosing, monitoring, tracking real-time progress and upgrading the lifestyle of its users.

With innovations like ResearchKit in 2015 and CareKit in 2016, Apple has leveraged its market dominance to build an integrated digital health platform. A platform where consumers, healthcare providers, Health IT specialists, researchers and technology solution providers are equally benefited.


What You’ll Learn During This Webinar

  • HealthKit, ResearchKit and CareKit – Discover what they are, especially what CareKit’s advanced tracking capabilities mean for consumers and healthcare providers.
  • A discussion on how Apple’s update will impact reproductive health, palliative cure, post-surgical medication and the doctor-patient dynamic.
  • Emphasis on the latest open source healthcare application, CareKit, and how its open source framework can help developers contribute more in medical apps.
  • The growing demand of Health data and how quality content curation is helpful in research and analysis field.
  • With the growing discussions and concerns on security breaches, learn why staying updated in iOS version is the best practice and what features can be leveraged for your app.
  • Learn how Apple Watch is also redefining personal health, fitness and lifestyle choices through comprehensive tracking.
  • Why 2016 will be a major year to experience more of Apple’s influence in Healthcare.

Join Jeffrey Wisard, Arul Gunalan and the team of healthcare app developers at Innoppl, as they guide you on the endless scope of iOS in healthcare and show you how you can stay ahead of the competition.


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About The Hosts:

Jeff Wisard,

Digital Marketing Manager

Having worked with several healthcare mobile app clients, Jeffrey has seen and written about the power of iOS mobile applications. He’s helped customers discover the time savings and ROI potential of business focused mobile apps.

Arul Gunalan

Arul Gunalan,

Healthcare Business Analyst

Arul has worked as a Healthcare Project Manager and Healthcare Business Analyst for several iOS apps. Being at the cross-section of software creation and business development, he understands the present needs of the Healthcare industry, as well as how iOS can shape its future.