How Is Apple Revolutionizing Digital Health?

How Is Apple Revolutionizing Digital Health

In this whitepaper you’ll discover:

Apple’s HealthKit release has made an incredible impact in healthcare. Indeed, iOS 9.3 not only is keeping people healthier, but it’s making health education easier for doctors worldwide.

Our Whitepaper Answers The Following Questions:

  • What is HealthKit and how does it work?
  • How did the release of iOS 8 impact the healthcare industry?
  • What iOS 9.3 brings to the medical app scene?
  • Is upgrading to iOS 9.3 a good idea?
  • What can ResearchKit do for your mobile app?

It’s the perfect resource for anyone curious about the HealthKit. With the ResarchKit making a debut with the iOS 9.3 release, data is now empowering the future of healthcare mobile apps.

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