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Current trends in mobile development ecosystem

Current trends in mobile development ecosystemA recent survey by Appcelerator, a leading mobile solutions provider, has revealed much about the evolving mobile app eco system. The shift from B2C to B2B and B2E is more prominent and is expected to continue. After a boom in the development of consumer-facing mobile apps, now developers are more inclined toward developing B2B and B2E apps.

Top reasons for the change in trends

There are several reasons for the change in trends among mobile app developers. The first and foremost reason behind changing trends is the increase in confidence levels of app developers. App developers have acquired adequate experience in satisfying the needs of consumers. Secondly, businesses are increasingly on the lookout for mobility solutions to simplify their business processes and also cut product costs. The heavy competition for B2C apps in the app stores is yet another reason for the shift. The concept of BYOD is yet another major reason for the shift in the trend of app developers. BYOD not only facilitates the employees to work from anywhere, but also helps businesses cut costs on investment. Finally, both developers and businesses gain much monetary benefits from B2B and B2E mobile application development.

Current scenario

Although the survey shows an increase in B2B and B2E mobile applications development, many businesses still have the inhibition as the technology is comparatively new. Considering the ongoing changes in the industry, early birds that adapt themselves to the new technology will benefit the most, and those that hesitate to acknowledge the power of mobility will soon lose the race to their more shrewd competitors.

Impact of apps in the industry

As a first step, the use of enterprise mobile apps will consolidate and emulate the hardware in the workplace. For instance, devices ranging from calculators to barcode scanners will be eliminated and all of the functions will be performed using mobile apps. Since this has been already successfully tested in the consumer market, businesses will adopt this technology without hesitation. More fluidity and interactivity is being expected in the forthcoming wireless technologies. This would empower app developers to create incredible mobile business solutions.