How a Healthcare Leader Slashed Technology Spend with Innoppl’s Cloud Migration Services

The successful collaboration between Innoppl and the healthcare client stands as a testament to the transformative power of cloud migration in optimizing operations and driving business success.

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The Result


Cost Savings on Annual Technology Spend


Boost in Revenue per Employee


Year-over-Year Revenue Growth


We recently collaborated with a renowned healthcare company in the United States, aiming to revolutionize their operational landscape. The client grappled with inefficiencies stemming from legacy tools and disjointed systems, leading to unmanageable manual workflows that incurred significant time and costs. The lack of unified control and visibility over processes was a bottleneck, resulting in delayed outcomes and prompting the need for a comprehensive solution.

The Challenge

Our entry into this partnership revealed a scenario where operational inefficiencies were prevalent due to legacy tools and disjointed systems. The challenges faced by the healthcare company included:

  • Cumbersome Manual Workflows: Legacy tools and disparate systems led to time-consuming manual workflows, impacting operational efficiency.
  • High Operational Costs: The manual processes incurred substantial costs, contributing to an elevated annual technology spend.
  • Lack of Unified Control: The absence of a centralized system resulted in a lack of unified control, hindering visibility over critical processes.
  • Delayed Outcomes: The disjointed systems and manual workflows led to delayed outcomes, affecting overall productivity and business agility.

Addressing these challenges was imperative for the client to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve a more streamlined and agile operational structure.


Our team of expert cloud specialists proposed a strategic solution involving the migration of the client’s existing on-premises systems to the AWS cloud. Our cloud implementation included three key steps:

Migrating to AWS Cloud:
We facilitated a seamless transition from on-premises systems to the AWS cloud, ensuring minimal disruption to operations. This step aimed to leverage the scalability and flexibility of cloud infrastructure to enhance overall system performance.

Cost Optimization:
After migration, our team conducted a comprehensive cost optimization analysis, identifying opportunities to streamline resources and enhance operational efficiency. This step focused on minimizing unnecessary expenses while maximizing the benefits of cloud resources.

Cloud Security & Governance:
Security is a paramount concern, especially in the healthcare industry. We implemented robust security measures and governance protocols to ensure data integrity, compliance, and protection against potential cyber threats. This step aimed to create a secure and compliant cloud environment for the client’s sensitive healthcare data.

Results Obtained

The implementation of Innoppl’s cloud migration solution yielded remarkable results for the healthcare company:

50% Cost Savings on Annual Technology Spend:

The optimized cloud infrastructure significantly reduced the client’s annual technology spend, leading to substantial cost savings.

111% Boost in Revenue per Employee:

The enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined workflows resulted in a remarkable 111% increase in revenue per employee, showcasing the positive impact of cloud migration on overall productivity.

75% Year-over-Year Revenue Growth:

With improved processes and a more agile infrastructure, the healthcare company experienced a robust 75% year-over-year revenue growth, highlighting the long-term positive effects of cloud migration on business performance.

In conclusion, our cloud migration services not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by the healthcare company but also paved the way for significant financial savings, increased revenue, and sustained growth.

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